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Did my first oil change yesterday at 6200 miles and other than having to jack up the car on to my ramps, it was pretty uneventful. One thing I noticed is that this car is low!! It doesn't seem any lower than my previous car (lowered VW GLI), but even after the car was on the ramps, I had very little room to move around. Maybe it's the full-length underbody tray, but I felt a little claustrophobic down there.

Filled mine up with Mobil 1 0W-40 Euro formula. Found it at Wal-Mart for $6.99 qt. Was a little hesitant to use the 40, but since I live in PHX and my car is inside mostly, I figured I'd be fine. One thing I wonder is that since these are out of "Scheduled Maintenance" changes, couldn't I just use an SM rated oil not specified by BMW. I mean, the BMW LL is supposed to be used because they figure that most owners only change oil based on when their car tells them to, so maybe it has to last longer, but since I'll change mine somewhere between 5-7.5k miles, do we really need to hunt around for the pricey Euro-formula stuff?
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