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Originally Posted by ssedha View Post
Even if I'm planning to order this month for a car that I would like to take delivery of in July in Munich? speaking of which, once you place an order of the BMW for ED, you can't really back out can you? cause from what I understand you dont' make your 1st payment until you are ready to go to Munich. and then BMWFS makes your 2nd payment... Isn't that the jist of it? (Don't know what the penalties would be if one simply said, No, I can't go to Europe as there has been an emergency)... Just hypothetically speaking of-course...
Have had this happened to me with one of my clients this past October.
He had surgery a week before his delivery date, and couldn't fly.
As long as its a true emergency, and they will ask for proof, in my clients case a letter from his Doctor and Surgeon, also copy of the confirmed airline tickets.
BMW will do a direct ship to the dealer.