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Originally Posted by legaleye3000 View Post
1. On the decoder, how do I tell if I have SAT on my 2014 328?

2. Would this make any difference on a 328?

3. How do I add launch control to my 328?

Thank you!
If your car has the shift paddles; you have SAT. As stated above, the SAT option code is 2TB. Check your order sheet / decoder to see if you have it. If you have option 205, then you have the non-SAT features.

SAT can be coded is you don't already have it. You just won't have the paddles or the Sport shifter. If you don't have SAT and have enough miles on it to know how your car behaves, coding SAT makes a very noticeable difference.

If you have a '14 and SAT, you should already have launch control enabled.

If you have a coding setup, you can check EGS / 3000 / LC. If it's active, then Launch Control is enabled on your car.