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Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
The problem is your car and how you drive. We have nothing on the X5 and the paint looks great with 80k miles. It also helps that it's grey so blemishes blend in. But my wife's black CC, even at stock ride height, is completely peppered on the front end. Because the car is lower and she drives it more aggresively, i.e. closer to peoples bumpers so more stuff gets kicked up to your bumper.

I put a clear bra on my 4 series in the first week and had no problems. I only did the front bumper and 1/3 of hood/fenders. A few months later I lowered the car, and boom I instantly start getting pepper marks just above the clear bra line on my hood .

So yeah, can't compare a truck to a car.
Maybe its just the roads up there suck. We use slurry for snow not sand or gravel. As far as use, off road hunting trips are not exactly without risk.

FWIW on car vs truck 10,000+ miles 3-3/4" ground clearance. Of course I would never dream to run the two lane blacktop moonshiner roads aggressively.

This one had about 32,000 miles when the 435i picture was taken.

Seriously, Will have to chalk it up to different actual personal experiences but have lived in New Jersey, UK & NC without any real noticeable damage from typical daily driving.

Did about 28 years Jersey Shore to Wall ST. when I was in country, 25,000 miles a year in a 67 Stingray. Car went through a few engines but same deal nothing noticeable on the paint.

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