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Originally Posted by UnfoundLegend View Post
I am receiving a .NET Runtime error in the Windows Event Log history. States that "Virtual Machine is not supported". I've been using Parallels, running Windows 10 Pro for 3 years without an error related to using a virtual machine. Is it the launcher that is causing this?
There are several issues causing the Launcher to seemingly not do anything after starting it. In all cases the answer is in the Event viewer. In reality, the Launcher does start for a short period, but it detects some condition and then quits again. The condition encountered most of the time is that the Launcher is still detecting a date manipulation. Another condition, which is the case above, is that it detects running on a virtual machine. Tokenmaster does not allow that and build in checks for it.

I believe 2.8.0 still runs on Parallels. Other solutions are to use real hardware, or use VMware (there was some info posted about that a few weeks earlier, so read back on this thread to find out how).

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