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Best Ultra High Performance All Season 2019 Edition

Hey guys,

When people ask "What is the best all season UHP tire?" most people say either Michelin A/S 3+ or Conti DWS06. However both of those tires are 3-4 years old now. I was trying to decide between the two and came across a couple new 2019 tires that challenge them both in different ways.

The new Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate and Vredestein Quatrac Pro both came out this year. The Goodyear looks to have the Michelin beat in several areas while the Vredestein seems to be a good alternative for slightly improved snow trraction and comfort.

For anyone in the market for new tires, I wanted to share this spreadsheet I created to compare them in case you find it useful. I used Tire Rack and Consumer Reports for the data.
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