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Why fast track? Because sales have dipped lately? This doesn't make a lot of sense since the LCI refresh has been out only a year and if that didn't jack sales, why would a complete refresh? There are feature additions and price breaks that could stimulate sales of the current models (and interest rates are low). The sales drop is fairly global. If the E9x 3-Series was selling badly compared to the A4 and CLKs then there would be a case for fast-tracking but that doesn't seem to be the case from the figures.

Rushing a new model to market is risky - especially given the importance of the 3-Series to BMW.
Out only a year? It has been almost two 2.5 years since the E90/E91 LCI came out. If you are talking about the E92/E93 LCI, then yes, it has been out only for a year.