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Originally Posted by jas76 View Post
hi everybody,

my first post and BMW

I just took my car in last week and asked for the to do this. They had no problem with it. Had my car all day but when I had came back to pick it up the SA told me I lucked out. I was a little confused at first I asked how so?

Apparently as of August 1st 2013 BMW will no longer allow the dealers to reprogram this off by default. EPA got after BMW I was told.

I would be curious if others heard this or he is just blowing smoke up my rear lol

anyhow, loving my 328I


I believe this for certain. They registered the cars with the feature enabled. Then they issued a bulletin authorizing dealers to disable it. They probably shouldn't have issued a formal bulletin.

Pretty much all manufacturers have alternative calibrations available to address customer driveability complaints, but they don't go out of their way to spread the word about it.