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Originally Posted by adelphi_sky View Post
Personally, I think BMW's configurations can be a lot simpler, and it was mentioned in the story that BMW sometimes over-engineers things. But what I did learn is that they do listen to their customers. It's up to us to change what BMW does if we tell them.
Agreed, we're keeping our 1er longer than expected because we don't like the way the F30 drives or it's size. But there really aren't many strong options either.

The ATS is a similarly weird car to configure and comes with GM's love of polished wheels only, which like BMW and RFT's, would be immediately replaced. The new A3 will continue on with Haldex, meaning it's a fwd car until slip is detected, which means I'll continue to ignore it. The A4 is a boat, the S4 is a heavier boat with an awesome motor. The IS is, well, the IS, hopefully they get the next one right. The S60 is big, nose heavy and Volvo's hazy future scares me off. The G37 is ancient, large and feels cheaply made with a rather terrible motor.

So in the end, unless they decide to hurry up with a 1er sedan or actually just give us here in the US the five door 1er, we'll likely buy an F30 or F31 at some point in the next year or two. I'm hoping they at least give us a little more juice in the 335i and make one or two more interior colors available on M Sport.

One caveat, if BMW USA actually allows us to have a 335i F31, I will eat every word I just said and buy one as soon as they open orders.