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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
Thanks ... so far none of the M performance parts have been made available through Canadian dealerships (aside from the performance grill ... "yay" (sarcasm)).

My worry is that it will take months (if not a year to be released). What do you guys think ... the adaptive M is a $500 option ... H&K springs are $300 ... and an install w/ alignment will be another $300-$400. All-in .. probably $1,200 Canadian. If it is a $1,500 USD option, we'll probably get screwed here (more like a $2,000 option). Maybe I'll just stick w/ the adaptive M and get it lowered. Just don't know what will happen to my "warranty".
The Exhaust is available today through the dealers.

The suspension should be available here soon. It is more than just springs (I listed the parts in another thread, but I'm too lazy to find it ). The ~$1500 was based on the previous M Performance suspension package.

If you have M Adaptive, my vote is to just stick with it. Since you're replacing the dampers, you'll lose the "adaptive" part of it (IIRC). Lowering with just springs compromises the ride quality way too much (IMHO). Having said that if bottoming-out every once in a while doesn't bother you then go for it.