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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Early November build. Yes, I see the same blocks you identified in your pic. Vibration dampers or whatever they are.

I have about 180 miles and squeal has been minimal thus far. A bit here and there, but not an issue (yet).

The brake dust is a totally different story. Holy moly, those wheels need a scrubbing already! I feel like I have my E36 M3 back. Good thing I got the 403M wheels. At least the grey inserts tend to hide the dust so they only look filthy when up close. I can only imagine what the 400M silver wheels looks like after a couple hundred miles of no cleanings.

Can anyone recommend a good wheel brush? I've got a wheel clean kit I got from the dealer a few years ago. Works alright, but wondering is there's something better/more modern and helpful. And cleaning solution? Always been told to only use car wash soap unless I need more help in which case I've used P21s. Advice?
i used to use p21s. use sonax full effect wheel cleaner now. coupled with meguiars brake dust barrier, dust adhesion is minima,
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