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Originally Posted by Broncho View Post
A mate of mine who emigrated to Oz with his soon to be wife and child has confided in a couple of us that he actually has twins from a one night stand when he lived in the London.

Thing is his lifestyle is heavily funded from his and her parents who as well as his fiancÚ are blissfully unaware that they are in some way funding his other children.

If it was me I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing full well that these things have a habit of biting people on the arse.

How the hell can they get on with life hiding this sort of stuff?

Coincidentally, my wife was telling me about a friend of hers today. Married with two late teens children. Husband leaves, saying he wants to split. Pays nothing to support his two children. Cut a long story short, turns out (months later) husband has bought another house and installed girlfriend and her two, very young, kids. Gets very bitter now. Two grown up sons want nothing to do with him ever again.
Karma comes knocking on his door. Turns up last week at Mrs Lobbs friends door, saying he wants reconciliation!!! Seems it didn't work out with his girlfriend. Mrs Lobbs friend and the two kids kicked him into touch, apparently the bloke was in tears.

Difficult to feel any sympathy...