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Originally Posted by Gins View Post
In before the F80 M3 whining! Can't say E90 M3 owners didn't tell you so!
E90 M3 hit the scene as an MY2008 in late spring 2008, and the MY2009 E90 LCI came just a few months later in late summer 2008.

F80 M3 hit the scene as an MY2015 in early summer 2014, but the MY2016 F30/F80 LCI won't be here until summer 2015.

So yes, LCI comes second model year again, but the difference is the M3 hit early this model year - before the 3 did, even. So no one wanted to wait an entire year for some tail lights anyway. Now, for people planning to take delivery next year anyway - yes, they should take notice.

Plus, we've has multiple high profile discussions about this on F80.bimmerpost so people have had multiple opportunities to inform themselves. I tried to do that back in 2008 too, but I think this time the audience is more up to speed. We'll see soon.