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Originally Posted by kbrower View Post
Would luv to understand the differences between the N55 and B58. As an F30 owner, any improvements in these inline six's are worth the upgrade. Best engine ever developed. I just installed a Dinan tune, and can out-accelerate a new M3 or M4 (but they'd catch up eventually..:-) I see a new 440i x-drive coupe in my future.
Your F30 could maybe get the jump on an E9x, but you're dreaming if you think you can keep up with a F8x, may the X-Drive will give you 20 - 30 feet, then its over.

In regards, to LCI...
The 3 series had huge changes that I agree where well worth waiting for, but the M was barely anything, $1000 for a new trunk lid, lights, and paint and you were set. F80 will like be the same story, nothing a little retrofitting can't do. I wouldn't wait another year+ for the LCI unless I was already planning to wait.