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Originally Posted by MikeTerp View Post
I have seen comments that the B48 will not be in the 2016 LCI, but will be delayed until the 2017 (N20 carrying over for one more year). The B58 supposedly will be in 2016 model. Do any of our board gurus have info that this is true, or will we actually see the B48 in the 2016 model? Since the B48 is already operational in other models it seems strange that it would be delayed unless there are some production issues.
This is what I said (that it would come out with the LCI) but someone else shut me down saying it was delayed until 2016.

I, too, agree that with the B48 being ready in other models, it would be silly to not introduce it with the next MY.

All I do know is that the B48 and B58 will come out at the same time, and I'd still bet it's this coming summer.