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Originally Posted by ceedawg View Post
I just faint everytime i see the price point of I think it's 1,400.00. Thats a third the price of a built bottomend!

Just waiting to see what AA is coming up with.

11. Why does Fabspeed use German-imported HJS catalytic converters?

HJS is one of most well-respected names in catalytic converters. HJS cats are made in Germany and are designed to be durable enough to handle the rigors and abuse of running at top speed on the Autobahn. Fabspeed utilizes HJS cats due to their proven durability and unmatched performance. Competitors will often utilize cheap domestically-made catalytic converters to save money, but premature failure is very common once these cheaper cats are subjected to the abuse of high-horsepower cars and spirited driving.

NOTE: Fabspeedís 200 cell HJS catalytic converters are not C.A.R.B. certified and are designated for off-road use only in the state of California.

Would be nice if we could convince them to do a group buy. I like a catted dp too.

Too bad the much cheaper Wagner DP is a 50 /50 solution as far as CELs are concerned. Even 765.00 makes me shriek.
Yeah, cheap it ain't. I'm guessing that unlike you I'm not working any longer. Now its just a race to hit the end with as close to zero in the bank as possible. Not that its that much to start with, but the way I look at is, how happy would I be two years from now after living with a lesser pipe versus how much would I miss the extra money by then.

But like I said, I'd hate to spend the money on the Fabspeed and find the car too loud. I put a Flowmaster on a supercharged Mustang Cobra once and it sounded horrible. Also did a full exhaust on a Viper but it was predominately a track car. Only street driving it saw were short trips and that was fine.
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