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Originally Posted by GPM View Post
If I were to do it I'd do a Fabspeed catted. I'd want to avoid the obnoxious smell. I'm not in search of max power, just a good running, entertaining car. Believe it or not my biggest issue is the sound. With the Akra the car sounds perfect to me. Any louder and I'm not sure I'd enjoy it. I've gone that route too many times in the past and regretted it.

My Scangauge can measure EGT. I wonder if that would somehow correlate to Cat temp. Obviously not nearly as useful but I wonder if its worth anything.
I am so torn on this. I can go either way and I actually do occasionally. I am catless now. The sound is awesome. The results are even better. However I am a nervous about what summer brings with the windows down. I am 42. Have three kids and a wife. All four of them arenít going to enjoy the smelll. And frankly if I had to take a coworker Iíd be pretty embrassed of the smell. Its a real shame.

The fabspeed is a great looking piece. And I am sure itís better than stock. But I have serious doubt to it performing even half as good as catless