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Originally Posted by IK6SPEED View Post

Corrected. You were and are wrong. The NJ Lemon law provides a hearing within 20 days of filing and a decision within 20 days of hearing.

This thread is again a reminder to all of how not to handle issues like this.

The NJ law is more generous than most states at it covers a car for 24 months and 24,000 miles, instead of a more typical 12/12,000 or 18 months. It can be filed after only 20 cumulative days total of car out of service instead of the more typical 30.

Yet by putting off repairs, “I’ll get around to it” and not doing a 60 second Google Search, you hosed yourself to not being covered.

Best thing you can do now is contact a lawyer and you made your case self might be until lease ends before it gets settled.

Sounds like you are most likely over the mileage (or close to it) on your lease anyway.

Probably better to terminate early.