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Can you be more specific? Maybe a video? If your transmission is slipping, it'd be blatantly obvious. To test, you can throw it into a higher gear and get on the throttle without allowing the car to downshift. If it holds the gear, you're good. If not, you'll see the car rev freely. Highly doubt this. Haven't read a single post of anyone having their ZF slip, yet. If you're talking about the "pause" in the revs, that's normal. Engine speed just matching actual vehicle speed. JB4 likely just exacerbates this because more powa.

What do you mean by missed shifts?
I won't have a video until the snow is gone up here in Canada. Haha. It's hard to explain, it feels like a slip of a gear and if I lay off the throttle and press 60% of the way in the throttle it goes fine. Might be a transmission issue if no one else has ever had it. It's not gear specific either, car is auto and it doesn't matter if it's first,middle or last if I go full throttle it slips.
Actually, I think I kind of know what you mean. Frankly, it's likely from the JB4 unit itself. Driveability goes out the window with that thing, especially with how the car shifts. Try turning off the box, and do what you do...see if the problem persists