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See the attached photo. This is my method of figuring out whether a car came from the factory with the smaller 160mm diameter rear emergency brake that fits inside the smaller rotor hat, or whether the car came with the larger 185mm emergency brakes that only fit under the larger rotor hat.
I forget what site it is, but there is a production date where all F30s use the large rotor hub. I want to say its like 7- or 9-2014. So even 320i or 328i RWD or xDrive post that build date have the same large dust shields and rotors.

Yep - from 07/2014 all F30 have the larger rear parking brake hub size no matter if its 318, 320, 328, 330, 335, etc.
Yes I believe that you are correct. I've only heard of the small 160mm emergency brakes on earlier models.