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Originally Posted by Llarry View Post
If one manufacturer can avoid the lemming-like rush to SUVs and continue to offer a wagon (or bring it back), that manufacturer will have the market for a sporty wagon to itself.
The problem is that the car companies do not market the wagons as much as the utility vehicles. The last 3 series commercial showed a sedan, coupe, and convertible, but NO touring!
When we bought our E91, the sales people kept trying to steer us to an X3, eventhough we said we wanted an xi wagon. I admit part of it, was that it is hard to find an xi wagon in the Los Angeles area, but they were not being much help.
So, I have to wonder two things 1) Why are the car companies not marketing the wagons as vehicles that are as useful as an SUV and more fun to drive and 2) if the profit margin for the dealer/BMWNA is much higher for the SAVs than for the tourings.