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Originally Posted by Daniel S View Post
The problem is that the car companies do not market the wagons as much as the utility vehicles. The last 3 series commercial showed a sedan, coupe, and convertible, but NO touring

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
In the current market the BMW 3er Touring E91 in the USA is being buried by the rapid sales of the new X3. In the US if there is a similar SAV alongside the Touring they take the SAV. In a way it is a win-win situation.
Of course this is the case and I think that Daniel's observation plays a big part of it. When was the last time that a 3 series touring was featured in any North American marketing material? If customers are truly choosing between two BMW models, and if BMW is honestly concerned about Efficient Dynamics, why don't they support the lighter weight, better handling and equally utilitarian touring models instead of only the SAVs? It would only help their CAFE numbers...
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