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Originally Posted by TheDoctor46 View Post
I think that time table is incorrect. The car should go into production in November and will be released at the beginning of 2012. There is no way the sedan is over a year away if production begins in November 2011.
I test drove some cars today. I currently have a 2001 5 series. I felt that the new 5 is too big and not sporty enough, but the current 3 is too small and they skimped on the interior. I asked about the F30 and to my surprise he mentioned that he had heard they were ramping production of the F30 in November and that cars would go on sale late this year or early 2012.

I hope this is true. I think I can make that time frame work. Late 2012 summer/fall as reported in the first post is probably too long away for me and force me to look at other cars.

With the reported increased size of the F30, it should be the right size for me. If they lift the interior from the 5 that will address my concern on the interior as well.

Now all I have to do is wait for more teaser photos