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Originally Posted by conradb View Post
Honestly, this stuff isn't worth it. You're probably going to drop something like $10k on all this performance crap that equates to more than an M3 would cost, and it still couldn't keep up.

I'd put money on the E92 M3 beating this tricked out factory car on the track. Why not just get it instead? Better yet, wait a year for the F80.

If you're a performance/driving enthusiast you wouldn't even consider this stuff in the first place. It's more show than anything else. If you actually spent $10k on serious 3rd party performance upgrades you'd have a monster of a car. Don't tell me you want to retain your warranty. If you merely upgraded the suspension, brakes, and rims/tires, you'd have a beast of a track car. That wouldn't void your warranty either (assuming the dealer isn't catching you on the track in the first place).