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Originally Posted by Mike328x View Post
I've been watching the lease offers since July and I'm curious about the MF for the current offer.

Current offer for a 2013 328i xDrive is $399/month for 36 months, 2K Build-out, $500 loyalty included in payment. $3874 due ($2750 down + first month payment + $725 acquisition fee). Please remember the offer excludes tax, title, license, registration, and doc fees.

MSRP is $42,875 and purchase option at lease end is $25296 so residual is 59%.
I assume Net CAP Cost is $37,625...(42,875 - 2000 buildout - 500 loyalty - 2750 down).
If so base monthly payment is $342.47...formula is (37,625 - 25,296) / 36.
Since the advertised monthly payment includes finance changes, $399 - $342.47 equals $56.53, which is the finance charge.
I think the formula for finance change is (Net CAP + Residual) * Money Factor. If I use a money factor of 0.0009, I get $56.63 ((37,625 + 25,296) x 0.009).

Can anyone confirm if this is the money factor for a 2013 328i xDrive? I called a couple of dealers, but I'm unable get a straight answer. If the MF isn't 0.0009 then the selling price must be lower (maybe some dealer contribution involved).
The Invoice, CAP and Net CAP numbers should be provided to you or confirmed by your dealer, Net CAP your base number for your payment calculation.

Here is a better way to look your pricing for MY2013.
CAP = Dealer's Invoice - Additional Discount
Net CAP = CAP - Incentives ($2,500)
Financed amount = Net CAP - Residual of MSRP

Base MF for MY13 is 0.00125 APR = MF*2400=3%, you can reduce it further by MSDs

also if you buy your car within 30 from trading-in your all cat you get additional $500 toward your 1st month payment

So we need a bit more info from you in order to better help you