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Originally Posted by FC4
Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
Hello, can you briefly explain what you mean by "turbo limited on the stock car?" Thank you.
These cars won't put down far north of 400 RWHP due to the limitations of the factory turbo. With all the bolt-ons, the turbo is a bit beyond its efficiency range at safe ignition/knock levels on race-gas. Putting 120 RWHP on top of a full bolt-on car at peak, and more importantly 140+ RWHP more at redline is quite significant. This is an internally-gated stock-frame setup using all OEM connections with a log-style manifold providing stock-like driveability. In the world of turbo upgrades, that's as mild as it gets (regardless of its "Stage 2" designation). The fact that gains are so significant with such a mild setup should tell you something...
Does it tell us that the engine design was not optimal to begin with? Btw, thanks for your excellent explanation.