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Originally Posted by oceanview View Post
Could you please explain how logging has to be done with the Simon3 cable.
Is there a manual/ guide for it?

I could pull some logs as well then and send to the AA guys if they would like to have a look at them.

I'm not having any problems or concerns so far just personal intrest in the engine data.
You would have to purchase the cheaper Simon 2 cable from Mike to data log.

Originally Posted by GPM View Post
Which brings up a question. Is there any process, other individual email/phone calls to AA, for upgrading existing tunes when improvements are made? I don't see anything on their site regarding changes to tunes and I guess its a bit much to expect them to keep track of all tunes created and to go to the trouble of notifying everyone when updates are made.

I'm completely satisfied with the way my car is running, but, if it could be better yet, I'm sure interested.
Great question ,I spoke to Nic about this and basically its word of mouth for now,this may change, but IMOP to market this thing right I think they need to at least announce that on the Forums like the rest of the tuners do. You can call to speak to Nic and voice this as I have already done. I think its a good thing to do. I am going to bring it back up to him again and perhaps mention it to Mike Extreme Powerhouse!

Mike answered!
2k15 335i Msport xdrive 6spd
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