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Originally Posted by thebishman View Post
Very rarely, and I mean very, a team will have two drivers of the same caliber and let them go at it; which is awesome. But in the vast majority of cases there is one dominant driver and one not so ‘dominant’, such as in the current Mercedes team. Bottas can be quick on a given day, but he has no where near the skill level of Hamilton. As such it would be complete madness for Mercedes to cut their own throat as it were and not issue team orders when they’ve been necessary.
When the WDC and team championship is secured, then let’s see what happens.
Makes you realize how good Nico’s championship season was. If Hamilton wasn’t on pole Nico was. If Nico wasn’t on pole he was usually within a .1 at minimum. Bottas isn’t anywhere the the talent of Nico, let alone Lewis. Mercedes let them duke it out that season, only because Nico showed race winning pace every weekend. Unlike Bottas.

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