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Update ...

As expected the guys at MHD replied promptly this morning, and as expected, they were super professional and eager to help. They confirmed the 317whp number is lower then expected, and that the dyno gains they've seen on customer EWG cars with the stage 1 is closer to 70whp. This should put me somewhere in the mid-340s using my VD methodology. They also confirmed that you can use the base S2 tune with just an FMIC, and that S2 is more analogous to the n54 S1+ tune.

I sent MHD all my data, and am going to wait until they have a chance to review, and see if they want me to do any further testing. I'm most likely going to go to S2, but will wait until MHD directs me to do so.

More to come, I'm sure.
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