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Originally Posted by Seba77W View Post
I don't have any logs from the newest update with the torque limited fix yet. I live in the Chicago area so not really a lot of places to pull some great logs. It's gotta be middle of the night pretty much. Maybe I will try tonight.
Lol... I hear yea.... I'm in NYC... 50mph is max!... but these cars are pretty darn quick and doesn't take much room to hit 90mph... heck I did it twice on the same small stretch one after another ... I slowed down to about 40ish waited for traffic to get ahead and let it rip!.... I find it safer during the day than at night for they are too busy during the day to be looking for speeders... night time they are bored... I get "Waze" going to see if anything is up ahead and go for it... Good luck and looking forward to your log posting...

waiver: This was all done on a closed course with professionals and only simulated actual for seen experiences... Do Not attempt this at home etc...

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