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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
It's a result of the lackluster choices we've been given here in the US. The 335d was a dud, not as fast as an F30 328i and no more efficient, plus auto only and the increased upfront and maintenance costs. It's cool, but sort of pointless.
I think you have things sorely confused. According to every test published so far, the F30 328i is actually a little slower than the 335d, and (in the real world) is less efficient by several miles-per-gallon. And in terms of price, the F30 328i costs the same as a similarly optioned 335d did. I configured a 328i with similar options as my car, and it came out to roughly the same price.

In any case, the F30 has six years newer technology to work with that allow it to almost match the performance and economy of the old diesel. The point is that, given the same advances in technology (such as the 8 speed transmission), an f30 335d would blow everything away both in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. It would certainly make for a much more attractive package than this horribly overpriced hybrid.