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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The problem with your argument is that once you cross a certain price bracket the expectations of what you are getting for that price must match that price.

That's the reason that a 528i interior is much nicer than the $5000-less 335i. The same 528i interior must be as nice at $50000 as at $100000 (M5).

The F30 interior is not a $70,000 interior. It is not even a $50,000 interior. That's the problem.
I agree...I think the Sport Line with that stupid red theme is just a little too hip for a $50,000 car. I think it works really well in the 1 series but not the 3 series. I was really hoping the 4 series would be a step up as far as quality goes compared to the 3 series as the F30 doesn't do it for me. It doesn't drive better than an E90, the quality isn't better than an E90 so I feel like it's pointless for me to consider buying one. The 4 series is my only hope for continuing being loyal to BMW as a customer. So far, I'm really not impressed with that F30 based interior. Esp since we all know a nicely equipped M440i will probably be about $65-70k. That interior does not belong in that price bracket.

Also to all those who are not liking BMWs niche models, it makes economical sense. It's call economies of scale. Build a bunch of cars of one platform and your profit grows as development costs would cover multiple different models. That's a smart way for BMW to stay independent. BMW is the only luxury car market in the world without a parent company to back them. Audi and Porsche have VW, Lexus has Toyota, MB has Daimler, Jaguar/Land Rover has Tata, etc.

It's call doing what you have to do to say ahead of the game.
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