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Originally Posted by CKau View Post
When I went to Audi Five Dock the salesman insisted the starting price of the A4 was $68k and I kept insisting that it was $64k (which is really the case).

Did they bother to contact me when the current GST offer was on? NO! Did the salesman seem interested in making a deal to entice me to talk further? NO!

Well guess what BMW did differently.
Audi have exactly the same rep in the UK. It's amazing how little they actually want to sell cars. Audi is by far the worst sales experience I've ever had in the motor trend - to the point I can't see myself ever buying one or even going back to a dealer again now. Ten years of apathy and an air of "if you want it, come and get it but I'm not getting out of my chair" from the salesmen means they can stick to selling to eedjuts and my money will go elsewhere
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