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Originally Posted by bmwmmm
Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
It's a z4 with an s65b44 and it's allowed to race in homologate classes?


stupidly wide!

strangely stretched on tires though? That added wheel width is just dead weight? Can anyone explain that design choice?

A 300mm tire on a 12.5" wheel sounds like 'stance'.. Let alone on a 13" Does the stiffer stretched sidewall help with handling?

Can anyone explain the sizing though? 300/680/18? Overall diamter rather than 'profile' ?
The engine is called P65 not S65, its a tuned S65 basically like how the S63 is a tuned N63 etc.
Ah fair enough

Well it makes about the same power as an s65 4.4 lol.. I guess since that's all the m3 gts is, a homologated gt3 car..

BUT as far as i read the rules... It means there'll be a v8 roa going z4 for sale soon?


Ed: though reading up on the p-motors.. They're not even fully forged? At least not in their spec list.. Strange design choice for what should be a lightweight race motor :/