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Awesome DIY by HKD126. Thanks also to Harkes as well. I just installed a Torqbyte controller and am punting the JB4. For the most part JB4 worked OK but there were occasional issues I got tired of.

In case anyone wants to build their own TMAP patch cable, the TMAP connectors are Hirschmann Automotive 805-122-541 (plug, on harness) and 872-617-541 (socket equivalent on TMAP sensor). A set is about $5 on AliExpress:

Additionally you will need a crimper. I bought an IWISS IWS-2820M:

If you go this route make sure you get more than 1 connector or extra pins, as it is easy to screw up the crimping. In retrospect it would have been a lot easier to get a patch from BMS, but I wanted to crimp connect this directly to the TMAP sensor wire. In my installation I just connected the sensor wire and did not connect the ground wire to the CM5-LT.

Another location to mount the CM5 is above the driver kick panel. I have an F23 and tied / VHB taped it to an existing module bracket on the fender side. On the F2x there is a hole in the kick panel and I can reach in to install the USB cable when I need to. Not sure if the F30 is the same, but there are a lot of similarities on the F2x and F3x so I thought I would mention it.
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