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Originally Posted by Just a 3 View Post
You can pick on professional reviews as much as you want - doesn't change the fact that the braking performance is roundly criticized as poor. As I said, MSport doesn't offet better/bigger brakes - just less noisier ones. With respect to tires - a majority of BMWs are sold with all seasons - why would anyone have to put up with 190 feet stopping distances if they had all seasons - 20 feet more than the plaid Honda Accord? You call that great braking?

With respect to bias - of course some bais comes in, but I was one who really wanted to like the F30, but couldn't. As you probably read (but obviously not comprehended) - I kept saying 'IMO' before you butted in with your insults.

Third - I didn't insinuate anything - you asked me first 'if I knew how to drive' to which I answered 'yes I did', and mentioned my car - and your retort 'does driving an N54 make you a skilled driver?' plus your usual silly emoticons. To that I responded that I never said that I am a skilled driver because I drive an N54 - only that yes, I do know how to drive in the literal sense. Drop the ball anyone?

Last - with trying to make cheap points - you are the master of that - from your first post all you are trying to do is score cheap points.
Gahh, you're obviously more stubborn and wise ass-ed than me, so I gotta resist continuing this haha god speed and enjoy your rocket on super brakes my man
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