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Of course as for this car engines will be familiar,but the outputs will be exclusive and a manual will be available for the more enthusiastic driver. The Z5 will receive a four cylinder and a six cylinder but the output will be exclusive to this model. Therefore retaining the lightweight philosophy but for high performance. That is what the new Z cars will offer.

Z5 M Version?

Z5 is an unknown quantity as its being placed a little higher than the current car, mainly against the Jaguar F-Type. So it is a full relaunch of a new model aimed at enticing more Sports car owners from the more accessible Z4. That is why there is an advanced programme of development with Toyota on the new car as both companies can pool resources on one car. BMW see the relaunch of the Z series similar to the BMWi cars with a new genre of sports cars using a lightweight philosophy although aimed at performance rather than sustainability. Should the car initially be successful? Then we will see progress.[/QUOTE]

All this is great for the brand and the core enthusiasts but I am baffled why there is no coupe or M version being built into this program. This is a question I have asked you on many occasions and not received any real comment.

Either way; this is good thing and will hopefully be an interesting direction moving forward.