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P & S Bead Maker - Review

After seeing all the buzz around Bead Maker lately, I thought I'd pick up a 16 oz bottle + gallon to try for myself. This weekend, I drove about 200 miles through desert highways so after an extensive wash on Monday, I applied P&S Bead Maker to my BSM 435i for the first time.

The car is ceramic coated and has a relatively fresh coat of Reload which was applied at the beginning of November. I heard this product bonds well with not only waxes and sealants but also coatings so this has been something a lot of consumers have been looking for including myself.

Heavy spray application for the initial use as instructed. I went through about 5/8 of the bottle but there were no issues with the buff off. It bonded nicely and I had no streaks. Initially after the wash, the sun was picking up so the car was moved to the shade. It was low 60s out but the sun was beating down so after moving the car, I applied from cold side of the car to the sun exposed side to allow the paint to cool. I can't comment on how quickly this product flashes in warmer environments, but it wasn't difficult to work with in my particular climate at the time.

Look and feel:
The car looks amazing after initial application and it does get better once the hardening agent kicks in. The car had to be parked outside due to some work being done in the garage so it did pick up a light layer of dust, but I'm excited to get a maintenance coat on when I use it as a drying aid. The slickness is like oil on the car. I didn't touch the paint without gloves after curing, but application with an Eagle Edgeless 500 and buffing with the 365 felt like being on a slip n slide.

Here are photos of the results right after completed. I don't have an actual camera and they're overexposed but it's the best I have for now.
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I'm leaving the below as placeholders for further updates I'll have on this product.

I didn't have a chance to maintenance wash the car this weekend, but it did rain last Wednesday and Thursday. Water was beading/sheeting off the windshield at 60 MPH to where I didn't have to use my wipers at all.

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