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Originally Posted by rambleon84 View Post
Are you upsetting the car and braking hard once in the turn/lift off oversteer or were you already at 30mph, keeping the car at a constant speed through the turn and still getting the back end to come out? Sounds like you then over-corrected and that caused the car to go back the other way. Have you had any rear end damage? Maybe even a pothole that could have messed up the rear geometry? Something like that could cause this effect to be more dramatic. Or if it had just started raining, could be just a higher chance of slick road surface and a fluke too.

As Billfitz said, i have tried to upset the car to have some fun and cant get the car to do what you are seeing. Again, xdrive here and underpowered 328, so not able to fully power into things, less tq than your 335d too.

The non-runflats will help with feel and the Pilots will definitely handle better than your current rft. I would suggest getting the alignment looked at as well though, just to know its not that.
I was at a steady speed of 30 mph. completely lost control no brake involved and only used steering to correct one way and the other.
Full wheel alignment was done in Jan ar a performance centre very highly rated locally who told me everything was spot on.
Seen by bmw thrice as under warranty and always assured everything in the suspension is pukka and transfer case etc is solid.
ive never trusted the car and wonder if it is indeed the tyres as it always lets the back come loose when wet and tramlines over irregular roads.
I cannot understand how the X5 which is much heavier handles si much better(its on dunlop sports maxx gt).
I just wonder if its the tyres. I was hoping to have michelins installed today to find out but garage phoned me to say locking nut was missing!
It was at bmw diagnostics previously in jul and prior to that at a garage installing acs springs and they both denied any knowledge.
so had to go to dealer to have the locking wheel nut measured and ordered from germany expected wait 7-10d while the tyres are ready and lie in wait.
another lesson learnt always check locking nut before driving away from garage.