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There's an Arabic proverb that literally translates to "the knives are more when the camel falls". Vettel is an easy target now for fat men sitting behind computer screen (I mean reporters and pundits not you guys). F1's YouTube channel played Stroll calling Vettel an idiot in almost every video covering the Italian GP,. They played Baku's incident a million times but barely played HAM brake checking him. Motorsports' YouTube channel made a million videos talking about how VET is finished and how he's almost banned and they even went to the length of playing G Piola's analysis of RB's car in the 2009 season (which didn't make any sense to me) on how Vettel should've won because he had the "dominant" car when every single commentator said Brawn's car was dominant and how 2009 was a fairytale season for them. Vettel and his mishaps are a juicy subject and it is what is selling nowadays. Nobody is talking about midfield fights. It is easy to call what he did in Canada sophomoric but it made me among a lot of people support him even more because he showed his passion unfiltered in front of millions of people watching around the world.