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i tried my best to understand defensing Vettel in Singapore hitting Hamilton but sorry.. i cant.. why the heck HAM would try to brake test him? to see if Vettel can brake? he was trying to keep up too close cause in the previous restart he caught napping.. and that incident happened not even on the last corner.. is there point? no..

obviously not allowed to overtake and keeping 10-15 car length behind the SC.. this is the rule.. and all drivers do brake for keeping the brake temps optimal.. and the interviews of Vettel saying he couldnt understand why he got a penalty is just funny and stupid.. only few drivers have 4 and more titles and that act is not even acceptable in Semi-pro karting events.. but he was acting like HAM should ve got a penalty as well.. here it doesnt matter it could be someone else is the same.. if there were some weird activity on HAM's braking he could just report to team.. Stewards have all the telemetries.. thats what real racing.. it was bumper cars in F1.. but it was hard for Vettel to admit he lost himself over there made stupid things.. and anyone who supports that act more likely living an unreal world that doesnt even exist.. only in their heads..

if anyone wants to recall those moments..

Vettel cracks under pressure full stop.. mistakes everywhere in those moments.. countless times.. his Red Bull years were like he was fast on quali and racing without anyone around.. this what he does best.. and wondering how many great F1 drivers cant do that anyway.. all great drivers do that already..
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