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This video hits home as to why I still don't think electric cars cover the market that cars like AMG's, M cars, and other Porsche sports cars can. While Porsche tried hard to give this car a "soul" it still seems like electric cars will be lacking in personality/emotion. As great as the Taycan is, the host, Henry Catchpole, who's a fantastic reviewer and avid car enthusiast, honestly seems bored and a bit sad to drive the Taycan.

As a car enthusiast, its hard to ignore how great aspects like shifting gears (even automatically), revving an engine and listening to the exhaust note, and working for the power really add to the experience. Yes electric cars have straight line speed, but its not just about who can achieve 0-60 in two tenths of a second quicker, its about the entire experience.

I still see electric cars to be the perfect everyday driver but not really a "sports car" per say, which is why I plan on getting one in the future to handle aspects such as driving to work and back, traffic, etc, but I can't really see one replacing cars like my M2 or previous Boxster.

Maybe I'll be wrong after I've driven one, but I don't really think that electric cars will give me the feeling that a conventional ICE sports car can.
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