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J vs K is quite a touchy topic on watch forums and the internet in general. Plenty of Seiko fans will say the J and K are the same watch made in the same factory that is NOT in Japan. The J models are intended for Arabic countries with loose "country of origin" requirements so SEIKO can print MADE IN JAPAN on the dial even though it's not technically true. This is why the second language on the day wheel is Arabic on J model rather than some other language (any other language)

Others will say it says MADE IN JAPAN so it must be made in Japan.

There's no argument that the J models have a higher perceived value, both at retail and on the used market. I'd say it's up the the individual to decide whether that MADE IN JAPAN dial is worth the extra money.

Now regarding the Turtle vs 007, I have both and find that nothing about the 007 is more appealing to me over the Turtle. My 007 just sits in a drawer