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Originally Posted by mikeycons View Post
Hey so I have every basic bolt on through ER and Dinan, but a stock PWG turbo. At the moment I'm using BM3 stage 2 93 Agg tune with my PR coil set. I have reached out to Jordan and F80 Paul in regards to a custom map. J got back to me saying I can make about 420 wheel with an upgraded fuel pump and was just wondering what anyone else is making on a similar set up. I do have an XDI 35 that I'm going to install soon. Side note the only e85 station near me is 30mins away. Could I possibly max the stock turbo out ? Anything I google is paired with PS2 so I'm at a loss there and decided to come here.
I wouldn't recommend a custom tune without going to a custom ethanol tune or if you're adding Methanol to your 91/93 pump gas tune. Straight pump gas would be a waste of money IMO.

Originally Posted by DreamerJoe View Post
BMWDIYGUY made like 420-430whp with the XDI-35 and custom tune and he is an EWG.. realistically I would say just over 400whp, also maybe grab an inlet too before the custom tune.. it won't make a huge difference, but will help a little bit.
Key missing note is that was accomplished with METH.