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Originally Posted by BMW DIY Guy View Post
Hey yall..

So yes.. great numbers, early in the year, and weather, temp, humidity and a dozen other factors will flex those numbers. I agree though that the numbers themselves are almost useless, and just a snapshot in time. They could be better or worse tomorrow.

I have my full buildout in my sig, but running 92oct with NO meth (though seriously thought about it) and stock turbo. I also agree that all of this build around the stock turbo is overkill, but that is next on the list, only so much I can do at a time.

The upgraded HPFP though made a HUGE difference. I jumped almost 30rwp just on the pump change alone, so it can and will make a difference even with stock turbos. The jump was from the low 380s to like 410. Then going to the custom tune jumped me to 440. Fuel rail pressure was cratering at anything past about 5500 RPM with the stock HPFP, so the upgrade was absolutely worth it.

I am very much aware I am flogging the stock turbo hard.. my logs from just yesterday showed 22.9 max at one point, so know I am sucking the life out of it. Big turbo upgrade is on my radar for hopefully no later than next spring, Pure, Littco or maybe Mosselman.

My goal though isnt numbers.. its just butt dyno power increase (which I have now in spades, the car is almost silly at times), and reasonable reliability all on pump gas. I don't have time to blend e85, and really found the thought of meth a hassle. I want to just hit my local (good) gas station and call it good.
where does your boost start to fall off at? and how far does it drop? im running into an issue with my ewg stock turbo where boost just goes bye bye at some point. do you have any logs to share?
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