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Originally Posted by pallymore View Post
I just ordered mine from a local dealer last Saturday (Jan 12,2013)...
when did you get your production number(or vin number)?
the dealer didn't give me anything...they said there's no production or VIN number until the car goes into production...
I think there's a production number if there's already an allocation. i.e. The dealer was already planning on adding a car to their inventory. Until it actually goes into production they can make changes to their order, so a "custom" order is just a modification of one that is already in the system. Case in point, when I got my production number from the deailer (day of my "order"), it showed up in bmwusa as a black car. It since changed to Estoril, which is what I ordered. Also, I was able to make a change even when it was in "production scheduled but not confirmed" state.

From what I gather it's a little different if they don't already have an allocation.

I'm admittedly no expert, but this is what I've gathered through my process. YMMV