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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Take a walk around Monaco and check out all the supercars that have been modified and are mostly just driven around town. Lot's of modifications are fueled by the desire to increase appearance and sound.

Most M3/M5's are driven at 1/10th of their capability 90% of the time and maybe at 5/10ths for the remaining 10%. So why do people that don't even come close to realising the cars potential buy these cars? Because of image and appearance perhaps?

"Image is everything" is just as valid as "Function over form". People are different and have different priorities thats why some are happy with a Toyota and others want a BMW. Some want a std. BMW and others want the M-sport package (is the M-sport package mostly appearance or is it really "function over form"???)
I understand what you're saying. I drive an M-Sport 335i because the aggressive front end appeals to my eyes. It's true that it may be useful in the future if I want to get a bigger turbo, but for now it is purely an "image is everything" choice. I understand this is subjective, and I'm not here to suggest that my view on design is correct and another's is wrong.

However, it would be naive to deny that there is a difference between a well balanced design and simply being gaudy. I think both BMW and Ferrari are companies that straddle that line perfectly. What I mean is the M-Sport is flashy, but it's not a hot-wheels racecar or a car you'd be embarrassed to chauffeur your boss around in.

Personally, as a car owner, I want to continue straddling that line by improving the image of the vehicle to suit my tastes without going overboard. It's the difference between set of chrome spinners, and a set of brushed titanium CSLs. It's the difference between a chrome wrap, and EBII. The difference between altezzas and LEDs. The difference between a roof scoop and a hood bulge. It's the difference between 2 exhaust finishers, and 4.

So if someone posts something that I believe to be over-the-top, then I'm going to make mention of it so that they may have the opportunity to re-evaluate the choice.

As for the exhaust in question, I would rather see a dual tip that mimics the 335i. The dual exhaust on one side is antiquated at best. And I'd like to see a 335i exhaust that pushes the tips out wider.

In the end, this is stupid. I much rather be outside right now driving my car.