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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
I used to want to carry a compact variant of a 1911. But after reading a few articles and seeing guys in active shooting classes, the pros vs cons weigh out toward polymer frame, higher mag capacity pistols. All the guys with glocks for M&Ps were almost always faster and more accurate than guys with 1911 variants. When you can carry double the rounds in a lighter more concealable package, it just makes sense. I mean people carry different pistols for different reasons, but for everyday carry, it's hard to displace a high capacity 9mm in a small package.

I mean don't get me wrong, when i go pig hunting, i carry my FNX45. Which is what i mean when i said people carry different pistols for different reasons.
I've done all of the above and dont care for the beavertail and issues with clothing that can ensue

There's a time, place and weather IMHO for everything from a 3" bobbed 1911 variant to a full size 5" semi auto

The 3" single stack 1911 can be concealed under a button down shirt thats tucked in with the right holster

Usually the go to is full size double stack semi auto

Everything is always 45......there can be only one.......

Fuck...up here in the winter you could conceal a Saiga 12 with a folding stock and no one would ever be any wiser
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