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Originally Posted by eergin View Post
Hi Folks

I am having this unlock issue but my problem is different from what you described in this thread. The central unlock button does not work. The key fob does not work either. I can only open the door using the vale key. The door handle works fine. I checked the fuses and they seem to be fine. Worst part, I had to get gas and could not open the gas tank door. I then found the release cable in the trunk for this so I can at least put gas in the car. Anyone had unlock issue I described? The doors do lock fine and even the lights and all work when the unlock button on the key s pushed and I hear something but none of the doors or the fuel door unlocks.
Took my car in today for the exact same issue. Door would not unlock/lock with FOB or centre dash. It would ONLY unlock by pulling the handle. Note, this was only for one door, the other 3 doors were fine. And I would have to manually lock this door as well, kind of like in the olden days....

Took to the dealer today and they are replacing the lock itself. And covered by extended warranty.

Hope this helps.