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PJ Gross
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Just ordered a set of Blizzaks for my 400M wheels.

I need to edit my post. I actually ended up going with 235/50s instead of 225/55s. Sorry for the confusion. Same thoughts and effects below, just a bit less increase in diameter than previous.

My thoughts were:
1) slightly more sidewall for pot holes
2) slightly more ground clearance for ruts
3) slightly less mileage racked up on the odo

Ok, I'm joking with #3 as an actual reason.

Anyone else ever go this route?

I always check speed with GPS and at the moment my car over states speed checked both with GPS and self radar stations so maybe these will correct the calibration!

Interestingly, saved a few $$ too with tire rack with the 235s. They also threw in road hazard for free which is appreciated with Michigan fall and spring road conditions.

My CTS-V had 245mm snow tires as a downsize, so I don't anticipate the extra 10mm making these snow tires less effective. I should have plenty of weight on them to keep cutting through the snow!